Women's ICT-Based Enterprise for Development
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Team members:

Project Coordinator: Dr Richard Heeks (IDPM)


Project Researchers: Dr Shoba Arun (Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr Richard Duncombe (IDPM), M.J. Joseph (Planet Kerala), Sarah Mosedale (IDPM), Sharon Morgan (IDPM), Terry Thomas (Planet Kerala)


Project Advisory Board: Kemly Camacho (Fundación Acceso), Dorothy Okello (Wougnet), Ratna Sudarshan (Institute of Social Studies Trust), Katherine Reilly

Main contact address:

Institute for Development Policy and Management
University of Manchester
Harold Hankins Building, Precinct Centre
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9QH
United Kingdom

Phone: +44-161-275-2800

Fax: +44-161-273-8829

Email: richard.heeks@man.ac.uk

Web: http://idpm.man.ac.uk/ &  http://www.womenictenterprise.org/

The "Women's ICT-Based Enterprise for Development" project is coordinated by the University of Manchester's Institute for Development Policy and Management.  The project is funded by the UK Department for International Development's Knowledge and Research programme.



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